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About mid planning

Our strongest and main attributes are;
Professional, Creativity, Integrity,
Perception and Sustainability|


Mid Planning’s aspiration is not simply to design spaces that make a good first impression, but to go beyond and deliver memorable experiences that bring consumers back. We focus on a total service approach, tailored to each client’s individual needs and tastes. We believe in painstakingly researching every aspect of a new F&B concept to tell the story of your brand starting from the seat you sit in, to the menu in your hand, extending even to the uniforms of your staff.

In order to achieve this, our approach combines brand formation with local market analysis, brand positioning, innovative concept creation, implementation, and integrated graphics. With our nearly 20 years in the business and research, we would even be able to advise you on a culinary direction based on local trends and where your business would be able to find the most traction in a busy market place. We believe that the small details matter, and getting them right will lead to success.


One of the qualities that sets Mid Planning apart from the crowd is our understanding of brand-consumer interaction. Delivering the best possible consumer experience is of paramount importance for us, as well as driving brand awareness among consumers, and generating profit for our clients. We are a full-service agency with the skills and knowledge to deliver brand positioning and identity, signage, uniforms, and F&B collateral.

Our staff’s multi-disciplinary expertise as well as years of experience will help inform us of the best solution for every aspect of your business, leading to the optimum consumer experience. As we are a full-service agency, our service continues long after you have welcomed your first customer. We do not just help you establish a new concept or refresh an existing one – we become the creative guardian of your brand.


Our aim is to elevate your business through the power of beautiful design. All of our work is in, or around the world of hospitality, which means that we have the experience and knowledge of exactly what performs well visually and experientially in F&B design, as well as how to generate the maximum financial return. We are not about the mundane, safe, or boring; we believe in creating spaces that are remarkable, extraordinary, but above all, spaces that function at the human level

Here at Mid Planning, spaces designed by us are not only visually stunning, they are highly efficient and functional. With this in mind, we offer a full interiors service that includes custom-designing the furniture to fit the environment, providing the most effective and up to the minute lighting, and tailoring it to fit the needs of your business in order to make your project truly unique.


At Mid Planning, we have the vision to push the consumer experience to a new level. We specialize in the design and implementation of cutting-edge multimedia environments that combine video, lighting, sound, and special effects. We have all the skills necessary to create groundbreaking media installations, with a focus on interactive technology such as LED touch screens, and projection art.

However, the key factor that gives us our edge is our people. As technically savvy engineers and world-class designers are part of the Mid Planning team, our creative stewardship guarantees an interactive experience that is delivered in a way that feels natural, integrated, and organic- resulting in an exceptionally high level of consumer satisfaction.

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